MERJ Fleet Services has been serving Western New York and the surrounding areas since May of 2015.  Launching with only two employees, owners Joseph and Rebecca LaPaglia, MERJ has grown to a well established team of 28 full time employees as of early 2019.  The founder Joseph LaPaglia has been turning a wrench on heavy duty trucks since the age of sixteen.  He is well known for his extensive knowledge from serving companies and customers as a shop and emergency roadside mechanic and tow truck operator for over 20 years.  

Vision and grit is what puts MERJ at the top in the heavy duty diesel service community.  Employees of MERJ are treated with respect and challenged with learning new skills and trades within the industry.  With this support, customers experience a service that they will keep coming back to.  

The roots of MERJ consist of honesty, support, loyalty and persistence.  Our goal is to keep our roads safe for everyone. 

"M"   Madeline 

"E"    Ella 

"R"    Rebecca

"J"     Joseph

Our family stands for being our best and helping each other grow during this journey.  We will always do our best as a company for you.